Vars Performance enhancing Supplement Having Side Effects

Testosterone or male hormone s best known for male performance boost if this hormone gets low in the body a person becomes dull, lazy and sleepy all the time. Even people know that their hormonal levels are getting low by each coming day but they don’t know how to coup with that. There are different methods to counter the low sexual hormonal changes. These changes affect different body functions notably sexual strength, stamina, endurance, domination of mild diseases and infections which includes allergy, influenza, headaches and skin dryness. These changes may result in sleeplessness and forgetfulness. You know that so many problems due to the deficiency of just a single hormone do not go well with the normal life equation. Vars performance is one of those supplements aiming to improve your performance in daily life and your daily routine workouts.

About Vars Performance

Vars performance is a blend of natural ingredients selected for their potency and strength. Those ingredients are reliable and very powerful to provide results needed to body. According to makers it is natural blue pill and it is not expensive. Clinical results show that it has no adverse reactions on human health.

With no doubt, it can be said that Testosterone is the magical hormone of males. It contains the strength to boost lean muscle growth in men. It boosts up your mood, energy level, sexual desire and overall health. When the men hit the age of 30-35, they start to produce less testosterone. The rate tends to be decreased by 1.6 % each year. It leads to a risk of heart diseases, obesity, type 2 diabetes, decreased libido, sexual dysfunction and overall performance of men.

To maintain the level of testosterone is as much important in women as in men. The decreased testosterone also disturbs the level of Estrogen in women. Thus, it results in a decreased metabolism rate, reduced strength and decreased lean muscle mass in women. So it is important to ensure the required level of testosterone in both, especially as they age after 30’s.

Who should use it?

People suffering due to following diseases should use Vars performance.

  • People suffering from blood sugar.
  • people having over weight problem
  • blood pressure
  • minor heart problems if there is severe problem then you should not. While we dont recommend it to people with heart and kidney diseases.
  • Depression and stress

Double results with vars performance?

There are many proven techniques to boost the level of testosterone. The natural techniques can be broadly classified as follows.

There is also an option for the medical treatment. It includes testosterone booster supplements, injections, patches, gels, and pallets. The pellets are placed under the skin and they gradually result in testosterone production.

Fat is recognized as the best way to boost the production of testosterone. Mono-unsaturated and saturated fats result in an increased testosterone level. In this case, the quality of fats equally matters as that of quantity. The mono-unsaturated fats include Olive oil, peanut butter, almonds, avocados. Whereas the saturated fats include coconut oil, Red meat, dark chocolate, cheese, egg yolk.

These fats increase the cholesterol level. You don’t need to avoid cholesterol. HDL cholesterol level leads to free testosterone.

High proteins and Carbs

Maintained level of proteins in the body results in a fat loss. Fat loss is directly linked to increases in Testosterone level. Whereas the carbs help to sustain the strength during resistance training. Thus a diet containing moderate fat, high protein, moderate carb and overall fewer calories is the best track to follow.

We take water for granted and don’t take plenty of it. The exercise results in dehydration of the body. The suppress in water level, thus results in the decay of testosterone introduced by the exercise. Even a mild 1-2 % decrease in hydration level in the body can increase the cortisol secretion.

Vars Performance ingredients:

Testofen. It is extracted from fenugreek and it supports free testosterone level, sexual drive in men and building muscle mass. This organic ingredient resulted in better performance and satisfaction in adults.

Zinc. Zinc plays a critical role in testosterone production. A mild deficiency of Zinc in men or women leads to the disturbance of the testosterone level.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA). This essential amino acid is found in neuroendocrine and impacts the testosterone level in the body. The 12 days consecutive use of 3.12mg DAA resulted in an increase of the testosterone by 42%.

Vitamin D. Another important substance in vars performance is Vitamin D3 which is the most important Vitamin to boost the testosterone. According to work published in journal Hormone and Metabolic Research, Vitamin D increases the testosterone level in obese men by 30%. This is pretty admirable to get 30 minutes of sun exposure every day. It will help to detoxify your body by absorbing Vitamin D. Hence the crushed level of testosterone can be increased.

  • Ref korean ginsens
  • Urtica dioica root extract
  • Coleus Forskohlii
  • L Citruline

What exercises you can do with Vars Performance?

Go for the Weight Movements

Testosterone level highly depends on how you train. Well, there cannot be an alternative to regular exercise.

Strengthen your resistance training. It mainly includes weightlifting. It helps to boost the level of testosterone in short and long-term as well.

Challenge your body with High-Intensity interval training (HIIT). It can be even more effective if done with any creatine monohydrate or caffeine supplement.

Do Squat, Squat, and Squat. It is necessary to do heavy squats twice in a week. Squats engage the multiple muscles at a time. The strength to sustain the heavy squats can result in the increase of testosterone.

 Avoid longer workouts and take less rest period

Duration of the workout can also increase or decrease the level of testosterone. If you will hit yourself in longer sessions and then long rest periods, then it will not get you the desired results. Workouts should be done in 60 minutes. More than that can result in the increase of cortisol level.

How to get optimum results with Vars Performance?

There is always a little bit stress causing element in our life. Calling your life stressful happening can get you off the track. It badly affects your testosterone level. It results in the secretion of cortisol in the body. The increased stress affects the overall body. It allows the maximum fat to get attached to the stomach.

Get proper and calm Sleep

It is necessary to set your bedtime. Try to take 8-9 hours sleep each night. It will make you overall healthier thus, boosting testosterone level. It will help you feel better in the next morning during your workout session.

Look deep into the things you smoke and drink

Smoking and alcoholism affect the testosterone level badly. Beers contain the estrogen, which suppresses the level of testosterone in the body. Try to avoid them completely to boost the testosterone.

Don’t ditch your partner in bed due to the last failure

The bedroom activities help to boost the testosterone in a huge amount. The sex you have in the room will make you look for more of it. It helps to keep the floating testosterone level within the body. Don’t feel embarrassed about getting a failure in bed. It’s better to try again and get the levels back.


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