Fucoxanthin scam, side effects, benefits and free trial. Dont buy before reading

Today the calorie intake of everyone is increasing. It is because of the fatty junk foods along with sweets. In the meanwhile, the development has led to less physical activities and exercises. Ultimately the result is obesity. This lifestyle then leads to many other diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, fatty liver, other chronic diseases, and cancer as well. To prevent such harsh conditions, the pharmaceutical medicines are not enough. We need to add some nutritional values in our daily regime. It is required to stay healthy. One of the functional nutrition is available in the form of Fucoxanthin. Let’s define it as

Fucoxanthin Definition:

Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid (class of plant extracts with antioxidant properties). It is found in the macroalgae and microalgae such as Wakame, Hijiki, and Ma-Kombu. The molecular structure was discovered by Englert. The molecular structure contains an unusual Allenic bond. The molecular structure of Fucoxanthin is quite unstable to temperature, illumination, and aerial exposure. These features of Allenic bond and instability, make it a great anti-oxidant.

What is Fucoxanthin used for?

Fucoxanthin pigment is used for antiobesity, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetics, hepatoprotective activities,  anticancer, as well as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular protective effects.

Mostly Fucoxanthin is mostly found in the market as a weight loss supplement.

  • Fucoxanthin Antiobesity Effect.

High-fat diet leads to the disturbance of lipid metabolism. It ends in visceral fat. Fucoxanthin significantly controls the cholesterol and cholesterol-regulating enzymes.

  • Fucoxanthin Antitumorigenic Activity.

Cancer mortality is controlled by the chemotherapy. However, the morbidity and recurrence of cancer cannot be controlled by the chemotherapy. Fucoxanthin is found to be an effective nutrient in controlling the development of cancer.

  • Fucoxanthin Antidiabetic Activity.

Diabetes milletus comes after the obesity. In the case, excessive calories and the lipids can raise the insulin resistance. Fucoxanthin reduces the insulin resistance. It also controls the blood glucose.

  • Fucoxanthin Anti-inflammatory activity.

The anti-inflammatory agents should be able to reduce the swelling or inflammation. It should be able to suppress the swelling mediator. Studies show that Fucoxanthin is an ingredient which can reduce the inflammatory agents such as nitric oxide (NO).

  • Fucoxanthin Hepatoprotective effect.

Fatty liver can be improved with the increase in the oxidation of fat. It will be a substrate for triacylglycerol synthesis and thus an improved liver. It is found to aid the oxidation of fatty acids. It also successfully decreases the hepatic lipid amount by regulating the metabolic activities of enzymes.

  • Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Protective Effects.

An increase in lipid accumulation in the body leads to cardiovascular diseases. Fucoxanthin is found to improve the lipid profile. It promotes the production of DHA in the liver. The DHA reduces the damage in cardiovascular systems.

Research Studies made on Fucoxanthin:

The research studies made on Fucoxanthin justify the fact that it can be used for weight loss. It has strong potential to break the accumulated fats in the body. However, the research is largely made on the animals. No significant research has been made for the humans.

According to a study made on the rats with high fat intake in 2013. It resulted in the high lipid metabolism and lower cholesterol. Another study on the mice revealed that it has a biochemical effect on the reduction of obesity, prevent diabetes as well. Another study conducted in 2010, on the seaweed extracted Fucoxanthin pigments which resulted in a weight loss and controlled diabetes.

Fucoxanthin side effects:

Currently, the research has been made on the animals to measure the health benefits of Fucoxanthin. It lacks the much study of the humans. However, up till now no side effect of this product has been reported. But long-term use of the supplements is not highly recommended as.

The high dose or prolonged use of Fucoxanthin could lead to iodine poisoning. It may result in an interface with the thyroid gland, thus affecting its function. It is available in the form of supplement pills.They mainly aid the weight loss. It is found with many other aiding ingredients. The other nutritional compounds are green tea extract, vegetable stearate, silica and some other antioxidants. The supplements are overall natural and safe. They are found free of wheat, corn, yeast, gluten, starch preservatives, salt and sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

Where to buy Fucoxanthin pill supplement?

The Fucoxanthin supplements are available at GNC and Amazon. A single jar contains 60 capsules in it. The recommended dosage of the supplement is to use a single capsule per day.

Reviews of the users:

Traven- 34 said, “ I have used almost all the weight loss supplements advertised on the Television. They did not work for me. I used Fucoxanthin supplement and it really worked for me. I weighed 152lbs, 3 months ago. I successfully lost 15.9 lbs in these three months. It is a big milestone achieved. I did not do any hard exercise or strict diet. I tried to maintain a balance between the food portions. It is highly recommended. The packaging is safe and reached on time.”

Dia Kale -45 added, “ I suffered a diabetes mellitus and a high cholesterol. One of my friends recommended me to use Fucoxanthin. I used the supplement for two months. It increased my metabolism I feel more active and energetic. My diabetes tests say glucose is under control. Yesterday I received my cholesterol test reports. Thank God, I am all safe. All the credit goes to Fucoxanthin. Make sure to use the supplement for two months. Because it takes me to work, but  really works.”


Fucoxanthin is so far the best nutritional ingredient with many bioactivities. According to the studies done on animals, it is best suited for treating the ailments because of poor lifestyle. They mainly include obesity, cardiovascular, diabetes and many other chronic diseases. More clinical trials are being conducted especially to investigate the fat burning property of the supplement. It has not reported any side effects. It can be simply extracted from brown seafood as macroalgae and microalgae. It is added to the safe marine supplements and nutritional supplements to serve the patients fighting obesity, diabetes, and other chronic ailments.


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